Assisting behavioral healthcare organizations access capital since 1991.


Financial Advisory Services

CHFF's management has assisted many organizations to prepare for and complete capital raising processes.  We have extensive experience in analyzing, structuring, documenting and closing loans for non-profit organizations either through traditional commercial lenders or through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds.  

We can assist in all aspects of the capital raising process.  Initially, we will undertake an in-depth credit analysis process to identify an organization's particular credit qualities and issues.  This process allows a borrower to develop strategies for resolving the issues and to assist lenders in understanding the particular circumstances related to any credit shortfalls.  Based upon the credit analysis and the identified financing goals of the borrower, CHFF will identify one or more viable financing structures and lending sources.  As a Financial Advisor, CHFF will assist the borrower in supplying information, responding to questions, developing the necessary documentation, and negotiating the terms of a loan with one or more lenders.

Finally, the CHFF team will help show you the financial impact of your proposed project using our expertise in financial modeling and simulation.  By utilizing these services, your organization will gain comfort in knowing that the financing you are undertaking will be affordable. In some cases, the financial modeling process will show that your organization will be taking on more debt than you can afford. In that case, it is better to find out now rather than later.

Strategic Financial Planning Services

CHFF's staff can also provide strategic capital planning services to organizations that are planning to undertake capital programs.   These services will provide an outside perspective on the organization's balance sheet, methods for preparing the balance sheet for growth, and identify available capital sources for future needs.  These analytical services allow management to evaluate different scenarios and forecast the financial impact on your organization's bottom line.

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